Awaken To The Wisdom That Transcends Knowledge.

Clarity. Power. Victory.

Only the truth heals.

All of your accepted limitations of unrealized potential, ill health and limited understandings are born from misunderstandings.

Come and see for yourself and transform what all impediments really are – mere stepping stone to a far greater quality of life and your lasting personal fulfillment.

Ascend The Frequencies is the antidote for suffering and the destination you seek.

Can I really do this?

Join Ascend The Frequencies and experience the true holy science – the metaphysics of your higher consciousness and how to apply it. We will teach you how to experience and command your sentience in order to powerfully create a new life – your own. 

ATF’s mission statement is the freeing of humanity. Freedom on all levels, not just mind, body and spirit. The revolution of ATF’s enlightened consciousness and its programs will change your life forever.

Is personal development really worth my effort and time?

Up until now lasting personal happiness – the only true measure of success – is the only worthwhile investment we ever make. Only the Self yields limitless dividends.  Up until now, self-healing, liberation, and authentic self-awareness have been merely mentalized. If any goal is to be permanent, it must already be present. Let us show you what already lies within you and how to endlessly live this treasure. 

The University of Higher Consciousness and Healing

Isn’t it time you tangibly discovered what has perpetually been just outside of your grasp?

We are committed to helping you with Self Mastery with no limitations.

The science of destiny awaits you.

The oasis of higher consciousness program

You will receive the teachings and wisdom that are born from the higher consciousness of RJ Spina that he accessed and utilized in order to authentically heal himself from permanent paralysis. His revolutionary healing technique and wisdom has helped countless others on their healing journey and discovery of profound well-being. The entire ATF team is committed to your transformation and personal success.

Self-awareness protocols

Greater Quality of Life In All Facets

Proven Methods

Enhanced Well-Being and Fulfillment of Goals

Higher Consciousness activation

Inner Peace and Clarity

Guidance from RJ

Unlocking Your Higher Intuitive Functions

Training videos

Protocols to Unleash The Limitless Life Force

The transcendence of limitations

The Magic of Authentic Inner Alchemy


on what illness really is

Self Healing

activation of the self-healing process


of any future illness

Proven Results

I implore you to reach out to RJ. I did just that and my life has changed in ways I thought impossible. Simply, RJ has helped me heal at the root.

Nate, San Diego, CA

My experience with RJ is one that changed my life, instantly. I will never be able to go back. He healed me.

Gianna, Rochester, NY

I have had numerous back surgeries, including a spinal fusion, and suffer from extreme pain and anxiety. Over the last decade I have developed a dependency on prescription medications, alcohol and am currently on disability. After working with RJ, I no longer drink, take on drugs for my pain or anxiety and I have returned to work full time. I have myself back. Thank you, RJ.

Susan, San Diego, CA

Thank you RJ for changing my life forever and helping me, after sixteen years, getting my health back. What you do, you can’t put a price tag on.

Kristy, Denver, CO

In January I was diagnosed with tongue cancer and the prognosis from my Dr. was the furthest things from encouraging. RJ performed a healing on me and said ‘I need you to see me five times over the next two weeks. By then the cancer will be shrunk enough to be removed.’ I then saw my Dr. and he said he couldn’t see any mass in one location and simply an empty cavity in the other location. RJ’s healing abilities speak for themselves.

Dan, Big Bear, CA

Our Guarantee & 30-Day Trial

Signing up for Ascend the Frequencies is risk-free, because you get a 30-day free trial. And if you are unhappy with the program, we’ll give you a full refund of your last month’s payment, no questions asked.

Succeed with ATF

Leave your limitations behind. The only thing you will lose is everything that prevents your personal success, health, peace and fulfillment. The Oasis of Higher Consciousness was created for your liberation, transcendence and victory and Our Healing University was created to teach you how to authentically and powerfully activate the self-healing process

Higher Consciousness Institute

$49 Our fundamental self-fulfillment teachings for an enhanced quality of life Contains our simple and powerful meditation trainings and techniques
  • Training videos
  • Self-discipline and higher quality of life protocols
  • Meditation instruction
  • Live Video Calls with RJ
  • Monthly goals
  • Ask Questions and get support from RJ

Healing University (most popular)

$79 Best for anyone suffering physically, emotionally, mentally or spiritually and needs healing Fundamental self-fulfillment teachings + Self-healing protocols
  • Contains all the Higher Consciousness University wisdom
  • Exclusive self-healing videos
  • Get questions answered directly by RJ
  • Exclusive content on the spiritual physics of genetics and beyond
  • Metaphysical understanding on what illness really is
  • How to authentically and powerfully activate the self-healing process
  • How to prevent future illness

Accelerated Programs

Highest level Guidance
1-on-1 training with RJ
Approval required – inquire
  • Apprentice
  • Prodigy
  • Virtuoso
  • Maestro
  • Master